Get Yourself a Bolder Name Card Design in This Way

A lot of people are more aware of the importance of a good name card printing in Singapore. Everyone tries to be as creative as possible in creating their name cards that it’s getting a little bit more difficult to stand out and leave a strong impression compared to others. It takes innate creativity and skills to produce a name card that is unique and catches the attention of the receiver.

These days, there are many designers that you can hire to make the design for your name card. Even if you hire one instead of working it on your own, you should at least know what things that you can try to do to make a name card stand out better so that you can give better input in the design.

  1. Vibrant colors

Choosing to use a bold color palette for the design of your name card can surely make your card look stronger and catches more attention of people. It will be easier to notice among plain or weak colored name cards. Don’t worry about not looking professional. Colors have nothing to do with it. Depending on what kind of company you are representing, or what kind of image you are trying to convey, you can choose any colors with strong contrast. You can even choose to make your card in a pitch-black color. It makes your card look elegant. For companies that are more formal and serious, this color may be a good choice. However if you are representing a dynamic and fun company or business, other colors that are lighter are more befitting. Just make sure that your name card is not boring in plain white. Don’t be afraid of incorporating colors onto the design of your name card.

  1. Finishes

There are so many finishes that you can choose for your card. These finishes are little extra touches that you can apply onto your card that will make them appear better and ever look more unique. For example, you can choose to either emboss or deboss some elements of your card, such as the company name or your own name. Embossing and debossing will alter the surface level of the desired element and make them look either more elevated or more sunken in so that they will have a different texture that is interesting to touch. If you are willing to spend a little bit of extra money on finishes, your card will have a higher chance of standing out among the crowd.

  1. Textured paper

The choice of paper stock also determines whether or not your name card can look interesting compared to the others or not. First of all, the thickness of the paper stock that you can choose for your name card varies. There are cheaper and thinner papers, or more expensive or thicker paper that is durable and more preferable as they exude more professionalism upon use. Not only that, but you should also consider using paper that has textures. Textured paper will make your name card look more elegant and it will leave a stronger impression since people will have a different feeling when they touch your card.

Farzana Ven

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