Types and Benefits of Stamps for Business

After its first discovery hundreds of years ago, the stamp has been an invention that benefits humans in various things. In modern civilization, stamps are most often used for business-related affairs, such as authorizing and approving important documents. And despite the rapid advances in technology, stamps haven’t changed much. However, now there are more types of stamps that are available to choose from. In recent years, the importance of a company stamp has been watered down because many laws don’t require the self inking stamp’s imprint as a necessity in releasing a document from a company. Now they only need to have it signed by people of authority. It can still be accompanied by a self inking stamp, but it is not a must.

In a company, stamps are not only useful for formal purposes. Stamps can also be used for paper decorating, marking items that are private and confidential, and even as a tool of marketing and advertising to create brand awareness and many more.

A stamp can be created however you desire it to be. You can create your company or brand logo into a stamp, or simple words to mark documents, or even your signature so that you can cut down the time you need to sign documents daily. If you are unsure, you can always consult someone who is familiar with stamp manufacturing or stamp designing so that you can be assured of the best stamp result possible.

Before creating your stamps, you must decide on its uses so that you can determine what type of stamp you want to have. There are several different types of stamps. Stamps may be different from its material of the handle and even the inking type. Stamps are most often made from wood or plastic, but there is even metal stamps. And in terms of inking, there are self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, or just common rubber stamps where you need a separate ink pad. They all come in a price that varies, depending on the material, the ink, and the quality as well as the manufacturer.

A stamp that is made of wood is usually fairly durable. Sometimes it is even more durable than a plastic-type of stamp. A metal stamp is the most durable but it is also heavy and not so easy to carry around. It is most suitable for a rough working environment with risks of having the stamp falling over. The metal material can withstand impact from the fall better compared to other material, so it won’t break so easily.

Pre-inked stamp and self-inking stamp are advances in stamping technology where you no longer need a separate ink pad to have your stamp inked. They are simpler to carry around and they both are refillable. They aren’t much different and they both create a crisp image. They make a somewhat better image compared to the most basic type of rubber stamp. For office uses, they are most likely the best option. However, they are more expensive than a traditional self inking stamp.

Anna Kosi

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