5 Paper Alternatives For Sticker Printing in Singapore

This fact may come off as quite a surprise, but numbers have shown that stickers are one of the digital products that sell the most in this era. People love it because it is cheap and it is a very useful item to promote an event, a product, or simply be used for bumper stickers printing or crafts. People of business, projects, campaigns, politics, and many others find benefits in using stickers for their goals and targets. It is understandable that it is highly demanded by individuals, groups, political parties, small businesses and all the way to big companies.

If you are also one of the people who find interest in producing stickers, then you might encounter several questions and contemplations, especially if it is your first time.

You might have noticed that there are several different Singapore sticker printing paper material. Or perhaps, did you not know at all? In this article, you will explore a little bit more about sticker paper types and hopefully learn to choose which is the most suitable one for you.

1. HVS paper

This is the most common type of paper. It is absolutely possible to make stickers using this type of paper, although not quite recommended nor preferred. It is easy to tear and it does not support high quality printing. It does not appear appealing, usually, and it is only good for personal uses.

2. Kraft paper

Quality wise, kraft paper is almost similar to HVS paper. It also feels the same, meaning that they have a similar texture. The main difference between kraft paper and HVS paper is the color. Kraft paper appears brown in color. They both have relatively average to low quality.

3. Chromo paper

A chromo paper is a sticker paper type that looks glossy. Chromo paper is similar to the kind of paper that is used for magazines. It is smooth and shiny. Due to its characteristics, the common office printer does not support the processing of this type of paper for stickers. To print on a chromo paper, you will need artpaper ink. Another best aspect of this type of paper is that it is waterproof, and it has higher quality than HVS and kraft papers.

4. Vinyl paper

This material is one of the most well known and used sticker paper. It is durable yet affordable and it supports high quality printing. It is possible to use finish for a vinyl sticker. Usually, people would coat it for a glossier look and extra durability.

5. Transparent paper

This transparent material is more like plastic compared to paper. It is less common to print stickers on this material, but some people do. This is better known for the production of keychains.

Tip: Consult with your printing service or printing shop. They can give you the best recommendation depending on the purpose of the stickers you wish to make. Some materials are better outdoors, some can’t stand the temperature. Some good with low temperatures, some are not. So make sure you have a clear purpose of your sticker before you choose the material.

Anna Kosi

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