Why Still Use a Company Seal?

A company seal is one of the most important office tools that has many benefits in many kinds of businesses, especially for companies that are growing and always seek for ways to be more proper in their conduct of business. A company seal is most important for authorizing important documents. Only after getting authorized, these documents can be released formally from the company. The absence of a company seal implies that the document is not valid and can not be trusted.

The importance of a company seal, however, is deteriorating due to the legal provision. The new law has concluded that the company seal is no longer critical in authorizing documents in companies. Documents now can be authorized and executed without a company seal but instead, it must obtain the signature of the company director or CEO, or someone that has been appointed formally by the said authorities.

These people of the highest authority in the company hold the decision in whether the company requires their documents to be sealed with the company seal or not. Although the laws said that it is definitely all right to leave out the company seal, many still are aware of the advantages that a company seal to hold. Thus, some still require a company seal and put it to use on many occasions.

Below, you will find more advantages to having a company seal for a company.

1. Convenient

There are always unpredictable situations in a business environment. For example, there might be a day where a document needs to be authorized urgently but the directors of the company or other people of authority are away. In this case, the directors can decide to have their signature represented by a company seal by their command. For times like this, a company seal is very beneficial. It can help the company handle unprecedented situations. A company seal is definitely convenient, thus it is not impossible that it can be put to use in other kinds of situations in the future.

2. Business with foreigner

The growth of your business would usually mean that you are going to work with bigger corporations. Perhaps in the future, you will not only work with industries within your country but also overseas. In other countries, some still view a company seal as very important and mandatory for authorizing documents. Thus, you must be aware of this and come prepared if you wish to work with them. Some demand you to have a company seal and you must adhere to their conditions. In order to seize every opportunity and not miss them, you must always come prepared and make sure that you have your company seal ready for occasions like this.

3. Exude professionality

Even though a company seal is no longer obligatory, having a document marked by a company seal always makes it better. The authorized document will look more elegant and professional, it will also feel like it’s more formal and official because of the seal. It gives a very good impression of the recipient of the document, knowing that your company pays attention to the small detail even though it is not mandatory. This small gesture is usually much appreciated.

Farzana Ven

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