Types of Wax Seal Formula and Formats

Wax sealing is used to be a popular way to secure envelopes before they get delivered. But now, with all the existing technology, wax has been used for different purposes. 

What Exactly is a Wax Seal? 

A wax seal is a wax that is melted and pressed to create an impression once it is cooled down. 

Wax sealing has become more of a popular type of craft and decoration now because people don’t really send out physical letters anymore. Either way, it is just as useful and definitely worth trying out. 

Wax Types 

Due to the advances in technology, nowadays there are several different types of wax formulas as opposed to only one in the past. The two most popular wax blends are the traditional wax blend and the flexible wax blend. 

The traditional wax blend keeps the original formulation of wax to this day. This type of wax is more often found in stick shape and it has wick. At a glance, it is quite similar to a candle but this wax blend has a special shellac that gives it a breakable effect as soon as it gets tampered with. This makes the traditional wax blend the perfect type of wax if you want to ensure confidentiality, but it isn’t exactly good for sending out letters through the mail because it crumbles easily. 

The flexible sealing wax, on the other hand, has a formula that is a mixture of real wax and resin. The addition of resin makes it more flexible when it gets pressed down with the wax sealing stamp. With more flexibility, it breaks less so it is thicker and easier to control. Compared to the traditional wax sealing formula, this type of wax is more suitable for sending out letters and making sure they are safely secured until they reach the recipient because it does not break that easily. This type of wax seal can also be used on curved surfaces because of its flexibility, making it a good option for decoration. If you wish to know about the information you can visit professorprint.com to understand more. 

Wax Formats 

Another thing that you need to know about wax sealing is the wax format. 

There is the glue gun sealing wax which is one of the most convenient wax formats. It is to be used with a glue gun and it helps you save time and energy. 

You can also choose to use a wax stick. Usually, this wax format is made with the traditional wax formula instead of the flexible formula. This wax format is best used with open fire and wax sealing spoon instead of using a glue gun. This wax format is more fluid once melted, but it solidifies quickly as well as soon as it is cooled down, so you have to work fast with it especially during the stamping part. 

Then, there’s sealing wax bead. These are small wax formats that are perfect for a wax sealing spoon. It comes in both traditional and flexible formula, so you can feel free to choose whichever you want according to your needs.

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