Ask Yourself These 5 Simple Questions Before Ordering a Rubber Stamp!

Want to buy a rubber stamp? Or you suddenly think about that? So, you have come to the right place since now we are going to talk about something that you might need to know before ordering a rubber stamp! Actually, there are several things that need to be prepared before asking the maker to process your stamp. So, ask yourself the following questions to find out all the things that need to be prepared! 

1. What Do You Want to Do with the Rubber Stamp? 

The rubber stamp can be created to be many things! From children stamp to the validation sign. So, what are you gonna do with the stamp? There must be a reason why you want to make the stamp. Having a clear purpose about why you need to make it will help you not only to know what the stamp will be used for but also to help you determine how your stamp will look like. 

2. What Type of Rubber Stamp that You Want to Make? 

Have you decided on the type of stamp that you want to order? Or you think that the rubber stamp is only available in one type? Today, pre-inked and self-inking stamps are the two most popular rubber stamps. Pre-inked uses oil-based inks, but a self-inking stamp uses water-based inks. But which one will work for you? If you want to produce sharp and high-quality imprints, then you should consider the pre-inked stamp. But if you want to use it for stamping in large numbers, then there is no doubt that you should consider the self-inking stamp. 

3. What Documents Will be Stamped? 

Identify the type and size of the document that will be stamped is crucial. Why? Is it important? Yes, it is! Knowing the type and size of the document can help you to decide the size of your stamp. Same as the type of rubber stamp that has more than one type, the size is also available in various sizes. 

4. How About the Colour of the Ink? 

The most popular colour inks used for rubber stamps is blue. But that doesn’t mean, blue is only one colour for the stamps. There are red, black, green, and other colours as alternatives. However, be careful about choosing the colour since every colour has a different impression. For instance, red ink indicates rejection or urgency. So, if you want to stamp the document that needs to be processed as soon as possible, you can choose red inks for your stamp! 

5. Where Do You Want to Go for Making Your Rubber Stamp? 

Determining the right rubber stamp maker is crucial. Once you choose the wrong maker, then you may get unwanted results. Good stamps are durable, efficient, and produce a great impression. That’s the kind of stuff you’ll get if you ask the right maker to make your stamps. But you will get the opposite results when you choose the wrong rubber stamp maker. So, you have to consider a specialist and experienced rubber stamp maker to manufacture your stamp. Here are some tips for finding a good maker! 

  • Ask friends or colleague who has experience in ordering stamps.  
  • The Internet is a shortcut to get lots of information, including about the best stamp maker around you. 
  • Reading online reviews is a must! 

Farzana Ven

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