Read This Before Making A Foam Board Poster!

You must be familiar with posters, right? How about foam board posters? Basically, a foam board poster is a poster that is printed or mounted on a foam board. Today, we can see that lots of people, organizations, or even businesses are making foam board posters for a variety of reasons. That is why foam board posters are getting more and more popular now.  

If you have a reason to make a foam board poster, you need to know some basic information about foam board posters that might help you in the process of making the poster. So to get the information, you can keep reading this article until the end! 

1. About Foam Board 

Before using foam board for your poster, you need to know about it first. Do you know what foam board is? In a short statement, a foam board is a lightweight board material that made of polystyrene and contains 95% – 98% air. So, it is no wonder why foam boards are so light! Also usually, you will find that a foam board is covered and sandwiched two matte papers.  

2. Advantages of Using Foam Boards 

There are some advantages of using foam boards which is the reason why this material is applied in making posters. So here are some of them!  

  • So, the first thing, as we previously mentioned, the foam board is super lightweight! Even compared to other board materials! That is why people choose to use this material for their posters. Also because of its lightweight, this material can be easily transported, moved, and displayed!  
  • Want to make a hard poster board? Then foam board can be your answer since it resists bending and curling, rigid, and also sturdy!  
  • Foam board is a perfect material that can be used as a medium for producing good prints. So, that is why people want to print their posters on this board. Besides, the foam board is also easy to be cut and neatly trimmed in almost any shape.  
  • Compared to other board materials, foam board is one of the most cost-effective material. Hence, many people and businesses use foam board since they can save their money on it! 

3. Mounting and Printing 

In making a foam board poster, there are two options that you can choose for that. The first one is foam board mounting, and the second one is foam board printing. What is the difference between the two? Let’s take a look at some of the brief explanations below!  

  • Foam board mounting is one of the methods when you need to print the poster separately. So, the poster needs to be printed first, then mount it on the board. To mount the poster, you can do it independently or go to a printing service. But to ensure that you get a good foam board poster, it is better to ask a foam board printing service to print and mount your poster!  
  • Foam board printing is another method when your poster will directly print on the board. Because you cannot print your poster on your own, you should go to a printing service that can print your poster directly on the board!

Anna Kosi

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